amaranth pancake mix

₹ 189.00

Health Benefits: Gluten Free. Excellent source of minerals and Vitamins, particularly Vitamin B. Contains Flavonoids, Antioxidants. Rich in dietary fibre. Low glycemic index. Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.(ICAR, 2017)

How to Use: 
Add water to batter premix to make a thick pouring consistency. 
Adjust salt and jaggery per taste.
For fluffy pancakes, add a pinch of baking powder.
For taste, add Vanilla Essence, Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Berries.
Set aside for 15 mins upto 1 hour for better results.
Pre-heat pan. Grease with little Oil, Vegan Butter or Desi Ghee.
Spread one ladleful of batter on pan. Spread thick & evenly in a round shape.
Cover pan till firm & flip.
Serve with Chutney, Jaggery, Butter, Jam or Vegetables.

Ingredients: Stone-Milled with love.- Amaranth flour, Banana flour, Chia Seeds flour & Chickpea Flour.