black rice pancake mix

₹ 189.00

Health Benefits: Packed with high level of nutrients. Maintains a healthy heart, cholesterol balance, rich in fibre, low glycemic index- excellent for diabetics. Chickpea flour is a powerhouse of proteins, fiber, minerals and micro-nutrients. Combined with Black rice flour, it provides complete nutrition and health.

How to Use:  Add water to batter premix to make a thick pouring consistency. 
Adjust salt and jaggery per taste.
For fluffy pancakes, add a pinch of baking powder.
For taste, add Vanilla Essence, Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Berries.
Set aside for 15 mins upto 1 hour for better results.
Pre-heat pan. Grease with little Oil, Vegan Butter or Desi Ghee.
Spread one ladleful of batter on pan. Spread thick & evenly in a round shape.
Cover pan till firm & flip.
Serve with Chutney, Jaggery, Butter, Jam or Vegetables.

: Taru Black rice Flour & Chickpea flour.