free range eggs

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What is Free Range Farms?

Free Range means hens have total freedom to access large open space to roam freely and to express their natural behaviour. They have a pen / barn for night shelter. Fresh air, bright / pleasant sun shine, trees, green pasture to forage, flying to & fro keeps them fit & healthy.

At The Happy Hens Farm – true to our name we do that it needs to keep our girls happy. We provide lots of  space as per RSPCA standards, rotating green pasture to forage, comfortable barns with perches & nest box to lay eggs in privacy.  During day they have fun basking in the sunshine, sand bath, rest on trees, socialize , fly & engage in just what they love to do. Humane, Ethical & Sustainable practices.

Health Benefit

HAPPY HENS EGGS – beyond organic – a holistic food !!

Our organically maintained pastures is a source of highly nutritious plants, seeds, insects, legumes etc which our desi hens love to endlessly scratch, peck & eat. In addition a nutritionally balanced grain diet, fresh water and added herbs keeps not only our hens healthy but also makes them lay the best quality eggs.

Nutritional Info: Rich in Omega 3, Carotenoids & Protein.

Their diet includes rich flax seed cakes which keeps up the flock health & enriches Omega 3 to 300 mg / egg & the green pasture enriches the carotenoids & Protein.

Love & affection helps our birds lay the best tasting eggs!!