adult toothbrush with bamboo

₹ 299.00

An Eco Friendly Bamboo Bursh To Cleanse Your Teeth Everyday. Quit Plastic, Brush With Bamboo. This Product Is Bpa-Free, Vegan, And Verified Non-Toxic. Made From Biodegradable Bamboo Handle. Bpa-Free Soft Bristles. Recycled Paper Box. Compostable Wrapper.

A Step Against Plastic Pollution That Everyone Can Take Worldwide, Every Year 4.7 Billion Toothbrushes Are Dumped Into The Landfills. Why Use Bamboo - Unlike Wood, Bamboo Is Naturally Antifungal And Protects Itself From Fungus That May Grow On Brushes When Kept Wet In The Toilets And Bathrooms. Bamboo Is One Of The Fastest Growing Plants On Earth. Unlike Plastic, Its Renewable; It Grows Upto 4 Feet Per Day. Bamboo Is Sturdy And Durable, Yet Compostable.

Key Features
  Verified Non-toxic.

Width : 4.50 cm
Height : 18.00 cm
Weight : 0.04 gm

Material : Bamboo
Package Include : 2 Brush