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Relish our natural flavour Kefir that promises a tart, tangy drink with just the right amount of fizz. Feel refreshed with this creamy super probiotic smoothie that improves immunity, aids digestion and supports a healthy gut. Simple, natural and delicious!
Made from 100% organic cow’s milk, our milk Kefir is completely hand crafted. The taste is tangy, creamy and a little fizzy.

Kefir has numerous health benefits like:
• Enabling Optimal Digestive Health
• Reducing Acidity
• Reducing Gas
• Prevents Constipation
• Improving Immunity
• Improving Skin Condition
• Lowering Blood Pressure
• Weight Management
• Reducing Inflammation
• Reducing risk of allergies

Kefir Culture is therefore the perfect value add to any diet!
So, what are you waiting for? Take a sip and feel the benefits!
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