maa's chai masala

₹ 300.00
Maa’s Chai Masala

A cup of chai is a blend of emotions brewed over several years. It reminds us of Maa and in it we see everything she stands for. Just like Maa, my chai is different from yours, but is still the best.

Maa’s Chai Masala is an ode to our Aai, Amma, Mummy, Mom, Mumma, Maa…
It’s strong, bold and has a depth of flavour that’s quite unmatched. With the magic of 8 spices, Maa’s Chai Masala hits all the right notes and resonates Indian culture and flavours.

Loaded with Moringa powder and Piplamool which helps as a Great immunity booster. Can be used in black tea or as kadha also

Homemade Chai Masala

Quantity :
Jar 60gms
Refill 50gms