ragi & sesame jaggery teething sticks

₹ 175.00

Recommended for little ones who are ready for all grains & nuts. Best if they have 1-2 teeth to chew. If not, you can always dip in milk to help them bite.

These organic whole wheat & Ragi breadsticks are an amazing finger food for your little ones who are just learning how to eat independently. These sticks also soothe the little gums and teeth that are just coming out. Super travel-friendly too. Just give them a stick in hand and watch them enjoy eating on their own.

Contains ~20 teething sticks in each box


Organic Whole Wheat, Groundnut Oil, Organic Ragi/Naachni/Finger Millet 15%, Organic Jaggery Powder 13%, Powdered Dry Fruits 10% (Watermelon Seeds, Almonds, Cashews, Pistachio, Walnuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Makhana/Lotus Seeds), Sesame Seeds 6%, Organic Amaranth/Rajgira, Rock Salt, Ajwain

Shelf Life:

Best before 4 months from MFD. Consume before 1 months from opening the pack. Best to store in a dry steel or glass airtight container.