wheat straw toothbrush

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Bristles: Soft

Wheat Straw toothbrushes are eco-friendly, unlike a plastic brush which in-evidently has more likelihood of landing up in a landfill, a Wheat Straw toothbrust is bio-degradable. These toothbrushes are made of wheat stalk, starch and PP (50 %) by subjecting to hot-press molding. These are eco-friendly and do not include heavy metal. These are bio-degradable and are non toxic in general. Our bristles are made with activated charcoal infusions. This makes the bristles partially bio-degradable too. That apart, Charcoal tips keep the bristles naturally germ free. For longer usage take proper care, a natural toothbrush will last as long as any plastic toothbrush. It's suggested you rinse your toothbrush after cleaning your teeth and keep it dry. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months or when the bristles have frayed out of shape. Dont forget to sport your Naturally happy Smile after using this product.