dhoop sticks

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These Dhoop Sticks are hand-made. Lighting them places the skills of conducting a mini-havan in your very own hands.

The Organic ingredients used to make these sticks are the same as “Havan-Aahuti”.

Dhoop is ideally burnt at sun-set to cleanse the air at home, especially recommended for dwellings which are shut through the day.

It helps drive away mosquitoes and bad odours.

It ushers in positivity and comforts the people living with insomnia. Now, you can do a Mini-Havan at home/office daily.

Ingredients:- Desi Cow Dung, Desi Cow Ghee, Coconut Oil, Rice and Bhiseni Camphor (Kapur).

The above ingredients are mixed and filled in a mould to form the Batees (Sticks).

The Dhoop-sticks are then sunbaked for 3-4 days, and then made ready and packed in these small 100% pure Cotton pouches with velcro.
The bag is reusable; these bags are made by hand by village women.

Lighting of these Dhoop Sticks is an age-old traditional custom and is practised in India since time immemorial.

This is a Non-Perfumed Dhoop Stick