Stay Home - Stay Safe

Vnya’s ideologies hold health at primary importance. This includes everything-from clean, organic foods to ensuring utmost safety while delivering our farms to your tables. During this prolonged pandemic, we have adopted all means necessary and maximised safety measures at every step, to avert any possible risks to the Vnya community and all those who surround us: 

✅ Single Delivery Chain: Our produce arrives directly from farms to our store, without the added risk of any middle-men or additional contact points. This ensures the least number of interactions in the handling process.

✅ In-Store Hygiene

✅ Daily Temperature checks have been made mandatory for Vnya team and all in-house delivery agents

✅ Complete In-Store Sanitization throughout the day

✅ Mandatory Masks & Gloves for the entire Vnya in-store team

Contact-Free Delivery Available

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