Our Story

Welcome to Vnya, of the wild...
...where the products are personal, just like our stories!

Founders | Vnya Organics | Our Story

We believe in healing the environment and ourselves, through the cumulative effect of our habits, focusing on nourishment, daily routines and giving back. After exploring many trails, our love for nature and animals and a growing passion for clean foods has led us here. We, as humans, are creatures of habit and a beautiful whole made of healthy and messy bits. While we aren’t perfect (and never will be) we are working hard towards creating a more sustainable and environmentally and socially friendly way of life...with a whole lot of heart in all we do!  We also realise that it all sounds pretty on paper but can be so tough to put into practice, so we are making the process a little easier and tastier for all of us.

We haven’t reached our destination yet, but would love to have you by our sides. Take the journey into the wild, with us?


What we do?

All our products come as directly from the source as possible, from across the country and are personally collected and curated. Like our produce, we aim to keep the chain clean and waste-free, benefiting those who work hard to produce them. We believe that food should be as fresh and seasonal as possible and best procured from the areas they grow in and consumed at a time when they are naturally abundant. We at Vnya, are also thrilled to be working with a diverse set of amazing like-minded brands and individuals.


What’s in store?

Real change happens with real people! We are super excited to be working with NGOs and welfare organizations, through collaborations, activities and donations. As we grow, we hope to encourage the growth of many who are working tirelessly for animal, environmental and social causes. Giving back is the only way forward.


Why sustainability?

The planet is hurting, and it’s time to heal. Our habits make our habitats. Sustainable farming, living and consuming is the way forward, made possible with small conscious and doable decisions. Starting your journey with organic and non toxic foods as well as biodegradable or plastic-free products can help you move us towards a healthier life and environment. We are also extremely committed to finding the best ways to utilize our excess produce and packaging, and maintaining a low to zero waste policy in all our processes.