kashmiri walnut

₹ 1,330.00

Indulge in the buttery crunch of our Kashmiri Walnuts, always fresh and bursting with delicious flavor. Packed with omega-3s, copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin, these walnuts are a powerhouse of nutrition. We carefully select the finest shelled, raw nuts, ensuring they retain their full nutritional value without any steaming or cooking.

Why Buy Ours:

Our walnuts are sourced from independent farming communities in Kashmir, ensuring you receive the freshest and highest quality nuts packed with nutrition. Treat yourself to the ultimate brain food with our premium grade Kashmiri Walnuts.Supporting independent farming communities in Kashmir

How to Use:

Toss on salads for crunch and nutrition
Make granola bars for a wholesome snack
Enhance the flavor of chocolate cakes and cookies
Sprinkle over cereals or oatmeal

Health Benefits:

Support weight loss by controlling appetite
Help manage diabetes and reduce the risk of the disease
Lower blood pressure as part of a heart-healthy diet
Support good brain function and protect against inflammation