pahadi tor dal

₹ 275.00
Organically grown Himalayan Tor or Toor Dal (Pigean peas)from Uttarakhand,This Pahadi Tor is organically grown in the unpolluted environment of the upper reaches of the vales of Uttarakhand.
Tor dal is a store house of nutrients. Some of the most remarkable health benefits associated with this dal is its ability to control blood pressure, stimulation of growth, improvement of immune system and digestion and prevention of anaemia and heart diseases. Mixing the pigeon peas with maize or sorghum can also be a good idea.

Pahadi Toor daal are rich in carbohydrate, iron, phosphorous, manganese and Vitamin C, B1, and B9. In Ayurveda this grain was used to stop bleeding and for healing sores.
Being very low in calories it can also form a part of any nutritious weight loss diet.
Pahari Toor Dal contains a very good amount of fiber which help in preventing problems like constipation.