multiflora honey

₹ 445.00
Size: 300GM

Raw Himalayan Multiflora Honey

From the traditional beekeepers of Chamoli Ghat

The beekeepers of Chamoli Ghat still follow traditional mores, right from constructing the wall and log hives that
provide protection to the Apis cerana in extreme climate. Locally known as Mou, Saut and Sattu, the raw honey is rich and nourishing, owing to the biodiversity and cultural mosaic of the region.

Organic | Ethically-sourced | Preservative-free
Place of Origin: Uttarakhand, India

Why its good for you

  • Heals cuts, wounds and burns
  • Soothes coughs and fights colds
  • A potent prebiotic, phytonutrient powerhouse