Millet Risotto 🥙

Millet Risotto 🥙

With the right amount of cheese and nutrition, this risotto is a star at my place. 😁


  1. Boil the barnyard millet. 
  2. Soak and boil jowar. Let it rest.
  3. Add celery, leek and garlic in 200 grams of water. Boil them and save the residue water to be used as stock later.
  4. Boil the rest of the vegetables. 


  •     Cook Jowar and Barnyard Millet ¾ and keep it aside.
  •     In a thick pan, heat safflower oil add chopped onion, garlic, leek, celery and saute till translucent. 
  •     Add millet. Let it cook for a while and now, add the veg stock.
  •     Adjust seasoning.
  •     Finally, add butter cheese and basil. 


I'm already hungry. Get cooking!


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