A Mean Bean Burger

A Mean Bean Burger

The hidden ingredient is no artificial ingredient 😇

Since you're already here, let's get chopping!

  •     Slice tomatoes in spheres
  •     Chop the veggies you'll need
  •     Soak Rajma and Bhatt ki Dal separately with garlic pods overnight.
  •     Boil the pulses separately. Let them cool, then remove both pods.

Now that we're done prepping, let's go cook

  •     Prepare Burger Layer Sauce. 

Add ketchup, garam masala, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper in a bowl.
Mix well. Let it rest.

  •     Making of the glorious patty

Mash the cooled daals till they have a fine doughy texture. 

Heat ghee on the pan, followed by that, add chopped garlic and onions. Cook well. 

Now, add thyme and finally, the mashed beans and lentils.

Adjust seasoning well. Stir well, make sure to taste a pinch of it.

  •     Assemble

      Cut Jowar Burger buns in half and toast them. Put dressing, followed by veggies,lettuce and finally the burger. Always add more dressing on top. No one likes a dry burger.

Savour while it's hot!

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